Protect your head from the sun and rain with a statement accessory from our collection of women’s cloche hats. They can be a functional addition to your wardrobe, and when you select one in a versatile shade like black, navy or tan, it easily coordinates with any polished outfit.

Shop for close-fitting bucket styles from kate spade new york. Models with details like bows provide an extra-feminine touch, and some are reversible so you can choose to wear the solid or patterned side. Look for hats with waxed exteriors for extra shine, or pick those made of water-repellent materials to keep your hair dry. Shop from our selection of infinity scarves for a pretty finishing touch.

If you’re searching for hats with wider brims, select those from Helen Kaminski and August Accessories made from comfortable raffia. Choose solid colors in dark or light neutrals with elasticized bands for a secure fit, or for an unexpected pop of color, pick a bright, bold shade. Sun hats from AQUA and Helene Berman in natural colors with contrasting edges and ribbon trim keep your eyes shaded during outdoor summer events. Regardless of the look you’re after, our selection of women’s cloche hats offers excellent choices for accessorizing your personal outerwear collection.

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