Update your wardrobe with a versatile women’s bandana. Choose from solid colors that go well with complex styles or bold patterns and colors that deliver personality to your outfit. Flowing silk square scarves from Rebecca Minkoff are lightweight and just right for spring and summer fashions. Opt for a crisp and comfortable cotton that folds easily for everyday use.

Dress up a pair of jeans and a T-shirt with an oversized Tony Burch scarf, or choose a small Echo scarf that can take the place of heavy jewelry pieces. Tie a Helene Berman scarf in your hair, or use an Echo scarf with a pair of women’s designer sunglasses to keep your hair and the sun out of your face when hiking or shopping. Use a low knot paired with a flowing dress for a fresh summer on-trend look, or tie the bandana to the side for a western feel when it’s coupled with a pair of leather cowboy boots.

On days you want to keep a scarf handy, tie a small bandanna around the bottom of the strap on your pocketbook for added style and to make it easy to carry without taking up space in your bag. To fight the cold, layer an oversized scarf on top of your coat with a pair of women’s snow boots for serious warmth. Regardless of the occasion, you can choose from a variety of women’s bandanas to make a statement.

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